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In life, we need to expect the unexpected.  Sometimes the unexpected is good – and sometimes it’s not.  One moment, we’re all settled in our perfect life, with our perfect family, in the perfect home and then something changes.  Elderly parents need to come and live with you;  The kids finally moved out – and then need to move back in;  Surprise – you have a new baby on the way, just when you thought your family was complete;  Your home business has taken off – and now you need more room;  And sometimes, life just deals you a wild card and everything starts to fall apart.

Today you might be thinking that you are in your “forever home” but sometimes life has other plans for us.  If life changes for you, what will you do?  Before you panic and rush to put your home on the market, there might be some other avenues for you to consider:

  1. Extend or Renovate: A builder is the best person to advise you on what practical alterations can be made to your home, to suit your changing circumstances. Adding on another room – or two, can be more cost effective than selling and re-buying.  Its certainly worth considering if you love your existing home and location.  A great extension or renovation can also add significant value to your property.  If you are unsure or concerned about over capitalising, give me a call and I can advise on what will and won’t add value to your property.
  2. Rebuild or Develop: If you’re lucky enough to have a substantial block, then perhaps a new home – or two, could be on the cards for you!  Looking at other local developments can be a good guide as to what you might or might not be able to do.  Check with your local council for current planning guidelines, as these do change.  A good builder can advise you on the various options you may have.  Before you book the bull dozer though, give me a call to make sure the numbers all stack up in terms of sales and rental values.
  3. Refinance: When things are looking a bit grey, it’s easy to feel like throwing it all in.  The bills are stacking up, anxiety in the household is high and relationships are going into meltdown.  I’ve sat in many lounge rooms over the years, with devastated families who thought they had no choice but to sell up, but with the help of our finance team, were able to turn things around and get their lives back on track.  So, before you make any rash decisions, if you need some help or advice, or even just a sympathetic ear, please call me and I will be there for you.
  4. Selling: If it turns out that selling is the best or preferred option for you, then take your time and do it right.  Choose the right agent for YOU.  Know your market.  Know who you are marketing to.  Market appropriately to that market.  Make a clear list of what your non-negotiables are for your next property.  Will you buy straight away or rent?  If you can’t afford to buy what you need, perhaps rent what you need and invest the proceeds from your sale, into an investment property.

We have no control over the changes that happen in our lives, but we do have control over how we respond to those changes.  If life has just served you a curve ball, take a deep breath, pick up the phone – and call me.