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What should you look for in a real estate agent?

So, you have decided to sell your biggest and most important asset – your home.  Now how do you choose the right agent for the job?

I asked Lauren, a recent vendor of mine, to describe the process she went through when it came time for her to select an agent to sell her home.  Here are her answers:

What qualities were you looking for in an agent?

I wanted someone experienced, someone who had been working for many years in the field and really knew how to get the best out of the sales process.  Perhaps even more important to me, I wanted someone I felt was trustworthy and who had integrity. This is what Karen demonstrated to me during our initial discussion – I felt like I had found someone who not only knew their business, but who also cared about how she carried out that business.

How were you feeling going through this selection process?

Initially I was very nervous.  I needed to achieve a certain price that would allow me to clear the existing mortgage and have enough left over to buy again.  The other agents I interviewed were quite pushy and seemed only interested in getting me to sign their paperwork.  Upon meeting Karen, I felt at ease straight away.  Karen really listened to me, she understood my needs and concerns before making any recommendations, then encouraged me to only make decisions that suited me.  With Karen, I knew I had found the best agent.

How did you feel about the process overall?

Karen kept me fully informed every step of the way. I felt very confident with her professionalism, negotiation skills and market knowledge. Her advice on how to present and market my property resulted in a very positive selling experience and a result that was well above what I was expecting.  Karen’s care and level of service really set her apart from the other agents I spoke to.  She certainly had that ‘personal touch’ – we shared a lovely glass of wine to celebrate the sale.

For a more personalised real estate service, call Karen on 0408 991 855.