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The Day the Snorlax Saved Easter.

I like to think that I am an organised person.  I am definitely a planner.  I thought that these qualities helped me to maintain a decent balance across my work/home life.  Yet Easter 2017 was a good kick in the butt reminder to not take this for granted and that perhaps the balance I thought I had, was a bit of a delusion.

Let me wind back the clock:  I am in a new business.  I am running around like a mad woman trying to do everything.  I am working seven days a week.

Easter was approaching and as usual I was planning something special for my customers.  Ideas are racing around my head on what I can do for an Easter competition.   What will the competition be?  What prize shall I offer?

I race around finding bits and pieces to complete the prize hampers and then finally, we launch the Easter competition.

Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter fell on the same weekend in 2017.  This might not seem like much of a big deal to some but to this story, it made a very big deal.

Our Easter competition came and went and finally I had time to do my own Easter shopping.  After my Saturday inspections, I jumped into my car and headed straight to the shops where things were about to take an interesting turn.

First supermarket – eggs sold out.  Second supermarket.  No eggs.  Hmmm…  I drove to the next supermarket.  Sold out again.  Fourth supermarket – eggs gone.  Oh no.  5pm is approaching and panic was setting in.  I raced into the local shopping centre, desperately looking for something that I could get my kids for Easter.  No eggs anywhere.

Every year there are Easter eggs in the shops AFTER Easter but THIS year, with both Orthodox and Catholic Easters being on the SAME weekend, the eggs were all sold out.

It was at this point, as retailers were beginning to pull down their doors and I was feeling particularly hopeless, that I spotted him.  Displayed in a shop window.  You couldn’t miss him.  Big, round green body.  Sleepy eyes.  Standing about four feet high.  It was the Snorlax.

My son loves Pokemon.  We all play Pokemon Go together – racing around the neighbourhood like crazy people trying to catch virtual creatures.

It was 5pm as I handed over my EFT card and raced out of the store, carrying this enormous soft toy almost as big as myself.   I then headed straight to the supermarket where I purchased a bunch of the kid’s favourite chocolates and lollies.

Early Easter morning I positioned the Snorlax in the lounge and threw the mixed sweets all over the house.  Then I went to bed.

When I heard the squeals early Easter morning, I breathed a very guilty sigh of relief.

If there is any message here, I don’t think that buying your kid’s love with toys is the best form of parenting, but perhaps putting in the same amount of planning and preparation into your personal life, as you do your work life, could be a good start.

Happy Easter!

PS.  Yes, I have my eggs for this Easter already.