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Summer Means Swimming! Tips for Buying and Selling with a Pool

If selling a property with a pool, summer is the best time to show off this private oasis.   Here are my tips for worry-free summer selling:

  1. Clear and blue: Buyers will love your pool if you present it in a way that allows them to imagine how they could be enjoying themselves by that pool – not cleaning it.  Ensure your pool is spotlessly clean – clear blue water is what buyers want to see.
  2. Ambience: Outdoor styling is just as important as indoor styling when selling a property with a pool.  Consider your target demographic when styling your outdoor area.  For a family home, show off a kid friendly space by using colourful outdoor furnishings and maybe throw some inflatable pool rings into the pool.  For a more sophisticated client, you may want to focus on water features and lighting instead.  Consider playing music outside.  You may even throw a pool lounge onto the water.
  3. Information: Ensure your agent knows as much about your pool as you do.  There is nothing more frustrating and off-putting for a buyer than when they ask a simple question like: “Is this salt or chlorine” and the reply from the agent is: “I’m not sure”.
  4. Safety: Outdoor furniture shouldn’t be too close to pool fences, tempting any cheeky little ones to climb up and over.  Request that two agents be present at all inspections – just for peace of mind.  The Victorian Building Authority and Kidsafe Victoria are terrific resources for information on pool regulations – for sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.
  5. Buyers: For those looking to buy a property with a pool, but are worried about cleaning and maintenance, many local pool shops offer a cleaning and maintenance service.  This service is also a great idea for landlords leasing properties with a pool.

Having a pool is a big responsibility but the rewards are so worth it.  Some of my best childhood memories revolve around my family’s backyard pool.  Now, as an adult and with children of my own, we are creating our own memories around the family pool, that hopefully my children will carry into adulthood themselves.  For more tips on selling in summer, call Karen any time on 0408 991 855.