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Selling In Winter Can Be Hot!

There is always somebody looking to buy a house, regardless of the time of year. However, in winter there are generally less properties on the market to compete with. So buyers who are braving the cold winter days are driven, dedicated and committed to making their next move on the property ladder.

Follow our 5 steps for a successful winter sale:

  1. Maintenance:  Clear your gutters and check for cracked roof tiles.  There’s nothing like a bit of rain during an open for inspection to highlight the flaws of your home.  I will never forget the day I found myself, along with a group of 5 – 6 buyers, ‘hailed in’ as a storm passed through during a Saturday open for inspection.  While we all watched the hail hammering down on our cars out the front, one buyer tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention.  I looked around horrified, to find rain leaking through the living room ceiling.  Not so amazing!
  2. Turn the heat up and let the light in:  Heating is a huge selling point in winter so crank it up and draw buyers in with the warmth of your home.  If you have a wood fire, display some chopped wood.  With the hot summer sun gone, open those curtains and blinds and let in that glorious winter light!
  3. Ambiance:  Yes ladies, it’s time to bring in those extra cushions and throws.  Embellish, decorate and highlight your home while creating a homely and cosy environment.  Nothing says ‘winter’ like curling up in your favourite chair, snuggled safe and secure amongst  cushions and blankets.  BYO hot chocolate – or a nice glass of red.
  4. Take it outside:  Make outdoor entertaining areas winter friendly.  If you have patio heaters, turn them on – and up.  Show potential buyers that this outdoor area is an all year round entertaining sanctuary.  Outdoor spaces can get slippery in winter, so be mindful and make sure walk ways are well lit and clear.
  5. Tools of the trade:  An umbrella stand, heavy duty door mat and a ‘no shoes’ policy is mandatory for winter open for inspections.  What could go wrong, can go wrong so be prepared for the unsuspected.  Keep an emergency cleaning kit on hand for your agent as well as a broom, mop, old towels and a bucket. Better to be safe than sorry!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the stream of motivated winter buyers!


Karen Taylor Chernishov shares her knowledge on property, style and renovation, helping you sell, buy, manage or invest in real estate across Melbourne's South East, Victoria, Australia. Telephone 0408 991 855

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