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What NOT to Do When Preparing Your Home for Sale.

Recently I wrote about preparing your home for a winter sale and I also gave you some advice on presenting the master bedroom, but what NOT to do when selling, can be equally important.

So here we go – my top 5 selling ‘faux pas’:

Faux Pas #1:  Baking or brewing coffee before an inspection – don’t do it!

Stick to clean and fresh fragrances instead.  Citrus or woody scents are ideal.  Use something good quality though – you don’t want to be giving your prospects headaches!

Faux Pas #2:  Decluttering TOO much – where’s the love?

The right furniture and accessories can make an ordinary house feel like a dream home. Finding the right balance between what to keep and what to store, can be tough.  Consider a stylist to bring in new items or to help you coordinate your own.

Faux Pas #3:  Fake flowers and plants – go real or go home!

Fresh flowers and plants add a lovely ambiance to any room.  Keep your display simple and go for single colour floral arrangements or just greenery!

Faux Pas #4:  Not wanting to advertise – you can’t sell a secret! 

So… you went to all this effort preparing your home for sale, potentially your biggest asset, but you don’t want anybody to know about it?  One buyer + another buyer + another buyer + another buyer, who all love your home equals a higher sale price for you.

Faux Pas #5:  Attending your own open for inspections – not today!

Believe me you stand out.  No matter how inconspicuous you think you are being. You have a different look about you and a buyer can smell you a mile off.  Do yourself a favour and go for a walk or short drive.  Let your buyers explore your property freely and let your agent do their job.