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A Checklist for Moving Day.

key in door

One of the best parts of my job is helping people get settled in their new home.  There is nothing quite like it – whether you are a first-home buyer, or whether life has created a need for a bigger (or smaller) home – there is something very special about the new beginning which moving into a new home can provide.

But beyond the excitement are some practical measures that will make your move and transition smoother.

Plan, Plan, Plan..    and then Plan Some More!

Moving day is going to be hectic.  There is no doubt about that.  But with some good planning, things should run relatively smooth.  Start collecting boxes as soon as you know you are moving.  You can also purchase these from storage companies.  If your move is a big one, you may want to consider utilising the services of a storage company or perhaps purchasing or leasing a storage container.  Using a professional moving company may well be worth the money spent.  But if you plan on doing it yourself, start early.  Pack like items with like items and label everything.  Many people are settling on their sale and purchase on the same day and moving day basically involves packing a truck and waiting for that phone call to tell you that settlement has taken place and you can now collect your keys. Sometimes it can be possible to access your new home earlier, either to move in or just to store items.  This is called a Licensed Agreement.  Under the same agreement, there is also a possibility of staying in your old house an extra day or so.  Ask your solicitor or conveyancer about this.  This could save you some stress on the day

Get Connected!

Make sure you connect all your utilities well in advance – gas, electricity, water, phone and internet.  As soon as you know your moving date, you can book in your disconnections and connections well in advance.  You don’t want to be moving in the middle of winter and find that you have no lights or heating, or air conditioning on a hot summers moving day!

Give It a Good Clean…

It’s always nice to really know things are clean – to your standards of cleanliness.  Have some time up your sleeves to clean through or better yet – get a professional!  Don’t forget to ensure carpets are steam cleaned – this will be so much easier before any heavy furniture arrives.  It’s also a good time to freshen up the paint – on walls, doors and architraves.

Change the External Locks

Unless you are moving into a brand new property… someone has had a key to it before.  It is good practice to change the locks to ensure that your home is secure.   This is a relatively inexpensive insurance policy, and worth it for your peace of mind.  If your new home also has an alarm, there are companies out there that come and reset the codes for you.

Change Your Address

Sure – you can get a mail re-direction form from the post office, but at some point you are going to need to spend an afternoon on the phone just letting all the major organisations – banks, utilities, VicRoads and so on – know where you are.

People often forget to change the following – so make sure you put these on your checklist:

  • School/Kinder/Childcare
  • Newspaper/Magazine Subscriptions
  • Electoral roll
  • Insurance agencies
  • Taxation Office and your accountant
  • Doctors Surgery and Dentist
  • Pet registration and Veterinarian

Figure Out What to Do With Kids and Pets on Moving Day

Moving can be stressful for small kids and the furry loved ones in our life.  It might be best to arrange for them to be with a family member or close friend on the day.

Get kids excited by taking them to the new property and showing them around before you move in, paying special attention to their bedroom and yard – areas that they will spend a lot of time in.

Pets need a bit of quiet time to sniff and look around.  They are always better off to see the house once the furniture is in – this will let them know that they are at home.  Just make sure fences and gates are secure so you don’t have any worried furry friends escaping!

Pack a ‘First Night’ Box

The first night is often crazy – and whatever items you need the most, will, ironically, be the ones you can’t find.  So pack one separate box (or bag) of essentials – pyjamas, change of clothing, toiletries, phone chargers, tissues, toilet paper, basic cleaning supplies, snacks etc and pack them into your own car the night before the big move so it doesn’t ‘accidentally’ find its way onto the moving van!  Then you have it ready for the first night and that’s certainly one less worry!  (Extra tip – also pack a kid version of this box/bag and don’t forget to include some toys, games or books.)

Send Out Your New Contact Information

Once you are in – make sure you let everybody know how happy you are!  Throw a house warming party or a nice afternoon tea.  Go and meet your neighbours.  And don’t forget I will be waiting for my coffee invite.   J

Can I help you have that “new home” feeling too?

 If you are ready to make that first home purchase or need a change in your living situation, give me a call on 0408 991 855. We can discuss your needs and I can help you set down the path to domestic bliss! With my years of experience in the field, I can help you find the next perfect place to call home.