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Buying, Selling and Renting With Pets

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Pets are a part of the family – whether you are a dog person or a cat person, we wouldn’t be without them.  But pets can cause issues when it comes to your property.  If you are renting, it can be nerve-wracking to apply for a property and worry about whether your beloved pet will put you at the bottom of their preferred tenant list.  Also if you are selling a property, traces of a pet can put some potential buyers off.

Over the years I have been asked by tenants and vendors alike for my top tips for dealing with selling and renting with pets.  I thought I would put them all together here for you, so that you (and your pet) can approach the property market with peace of mind!

Tips for Selling with a Pet

You love your pet – but if you are selling or renting out a property, you need to be aware that a potential purchaser or tenant may not be as animal friendly as you are.  The best way to approach this is to hide all traces of the pet while the property is open for inspection.

Here are a few simple tips:

  • Make sure the pet is out during inspections
  • Put away toys and dog bowls
  • Clean up poop from yard
  • Although you may not be able to smell it, pets (particularly dogs) can leave a distinctive smell about a property. Invest in a good quality scented candle to help cover this.
  • It is courtesy to have all carpets cleaned before leaving the property

Tips for Applying for a Lease With a Pet

Renters with pets often feel like they may be at a disadvantage – but many landlords understand the important role animals play in our wellbeing.  If you are renting with a pet, why not try the following?

  • Apply for properties even if they don’t say pets allowed
  • Be honest – landlords have a right to know if there will be an animal on their property. And it will save you a lot of time and trouble to simply be clear in your application.
  • Ensure the property suits your pet’s needs. Is the garden big enough?  Is there adequate fencing? Is there a main road that might be dangerous to pets who are escape artists? Make sure your pet will be as happy at the property as you are.
  • Offer to pay more rent in lieu of any extra wear-and-tear caused by your animal
  • Offer references that discuss not only what a great tenant you have been – but that the pet has been well-managed
  • Introduce the pet to the agent – surely they will fall in love with him/her too! Or at least, see that they are well-trained.

The benefits of pet ownership are well-documented. And many landlords and some buyers will agree with you and share your passion for “fur-babies”.  But if you are marketing a property, don’t let pet traces put off potential buyers.  Follow these simple tips for better selling, leasing and applying and you and your pet can navigate the property market with ease!