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A Reflection for the New Year

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As another year passes by once again, and things have settled down from all of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, it is a timely opportunity to reflect upon what that past year has meant to us and how this might impact on our lives for 2016.

So grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and let’s ponder what 2015 has brought us.

Start by thinking about all the things that you have learnt over the year – the positive changes you have made.  For me, I made some powerful career and lifestyle changes that have allowed me to move closer to the kind of life I ultimately want.  Has the year brought you closer to the kind of life you want to live?  Or do you need to create some goals around this in 2016?

Next, consider everything that has brought you joy… family, good friends, time spent with children, missions accomplished.  Each year should be comprised by a good number of these.  And not just for ourselves – but for those around us.  I have been fortunate enough to share the joy of starting anew with so many families who have purchased new homes in 2015 – and this makes all the work worthwhile. Thank you to each and every one of you who allowed me to be a part of your journey – and for remembering me and acknowledging this with the many lovely messages and gifts that make their way to my desk.  It really is much appreciated and valued.

Perhaps your work has reached out and touched others as well?  Or perhaps it is the love and care you show for those around you.  Make a difference in someone’s life and your time has been worthwhile.

Finally, think about the things that could have gone better for you in 2015.  Do you have any regrets?  Are there things you would have done differently?  I once heard hindsight described as “foresight without a future” – but I think this is wrong.  Hindsight is the wisdom we take with us into the future.  Without these understandings, how can we ever expect a future that is different to our pasts?

Although sometimes we need to take the lessons of the past into the future, at other times it is best to just let them go and move into 2016 without any doubt or regret.  Accept the things you cannot change. Forgive yourself for silly mistakes or risks that didn’t turn out so well.  Life is boring without a little risk. Something to think about!

That’s the big things covered – but never forget about the power of little things as well.  Look after the little things and sometimes the big things look after themselves.  I aim to look after the little things in 2016 – spending quality time with family and friends, contributing to the community, meeting new people and appreciating the good things that come my way.

I hope 2015 has been a wonderful year for you, and that you have learned so much to take into 2016 to make it an even better year.  Thanks for your support!


Karen Taylor Chernishov shares her knowledge on property, style and renovation, helping you sell, buy, manage or invest in real estate across Melbourne's South East, Victoria, Australia. Telephone 0408 991 855

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