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Presenting the Master Bedroom as a Haven


While in practical terms, a modern and stylish kitchen or bathroom can sell a home, the bedroom remains one of the most important selling points as well.

The master bedroom is the ultimate retreat – a place to rest and relax away from the often hectic pace of the day.  If you can create an environment that presents itself as a haven, your master bedroom may just sell your home.

To feel like a haven, your master bedroom needs to have a clean and uncluttered layout. All that needs to be in here in terms of furniture is a bed, two bedside tables and a wardrobe (if one isn’t built in already).

Take out any other items of furniture and most of the knick-knacks to make the room look as simple and serene as possible.  This also makes the room look larger, which can be an important selling point.   If there is anything in your bedroom that should not belong in a bedroom – a lap-top or a piece of exercise equipment for example – take this opportunity to get your packing started and put it into storage.

Make sure wardrobes look uncluttered too – buyers will surely look there. Full cupboards suggest there is not enough storage.  A handy design tip is to never fill cupboards more than 75%.

The bed should always be the focal point in the room – this puts sleep and relaxation at the forefront of the buyer’s thoughts.  Consider installing a headboard to draw even more focus to this area.  Using a white bedspread gives you a great neutral base for decorating, and you can simply throw on some pale coloured cushions and perhaps a throw rug to keep the colour scheme calm and relaxed. Go for soft, calming colours like pale blue and green – but try to ensure these aren’t too feminine in order not to alienate male buyers.

A great designer tip?  Buy bedding that is one size bigger than the bed you have.  That means, if you have a queen-sized bed, buy a king-sized doona and bedspread.  This makes your room feel more opulent.

Make sure you use matching bedside tables – this makes the room feel finished and is a great place to put lamps. Lamps create extra light, which also makes a room feel more spacious. Bigger lamps make more of an impact than smaller ones – and are a much more luxurious.  Make these a real feature of the room.

Re-paint the walls if they need it or are not a neutral colour and keep window dressings simple to make sure they tone in with the bed linen.

You can also follow some of these tips for presenting any other bedrooms the property might have too.  Especially children’s rooms!  Make sure you clear up the clutter by purchasing some clever storage tools.

First impressions always count when selling a home – so make sure your master bedrooms grabs buyer attention!


Karen Taylor Chernishov shares her knowledge on property, style and renovation, helping you sell, buy, manage or invest in real estate across Melbourne's South East, Victoria, Australia. Telephone 0408 991 855

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