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What You Need in an Outdoor Area



All this beautiful sun we have been experiencing has got me thinking about how important the outdoor area is when purchasing a home.

Whether you have children already, or plan to in the future, a great backyard is a must. And with weather as good as we have been having lately, who doesn’t want a private space to get out and enjoy the sunshine?

If you are shopping for a new home, make sure there is plenty of space in your backyard to create the haven you are looking for. If you are selling – think about how buyers will imagine spending time in that yard.  For the adults, a shaded area to put a table and chairs for glasses of wine of a spring evening is just perfect.  If you have an apartment, make sure the balcony includes a cosy sitting area for two.  If you have more space – make the most of it!  Whether it is a pergola, a sail or even natural shade from trees, sometimes enjoying the outdoors means an escape from the sun!

Can’t you see yourself out there now, winding down from the day?

For the kids, grass and plants are essential for luring them out from in front of the television and computer.  It’s so important these days to make sure they are active and outside enjoying a healthy dose of Vitamin D.  But you need a bit of space to make sure there are plenty of offerings for physical play – how about a swing set?  Trampoline? Cubbyhouse?  Will you have room to provide your children with all these things we had back in the day?

If you fancy a bit of gardening, you’ll need to make sure there are some existing plant beds, or space to dig your own.  There is nothing like growing a few fresh herbs of vegies in your own backyard.   It’s a plus for any kitchen connoisseur  and can be great to get children to enjoy and respect nature.  Draw them in with pretty flowers they can tend or ad hoc fairy gardens or safari parks that they can create adventures in with their plastic figurines.  You can find plenty of ideas for these on Pinterest.

You don’t have to have an established garden – just the space to create one and a little imagination. Even a terrace can host a thriving little garden.

It could be a project to get the whole family together – and a space that you will enjoy in the years to come.


Karen Taylor Chernishov shares her knowledge on property, style and renovation, helping you sell, buy, manage or invest in real estate across Melbourne's South East, Victoria, Australia. Telephone 0408 991 855

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