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What Not to Do When Presenting Your Home for Sale

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In my last blog post, I looked at some basic styling tips for presenting your property to prospective buyers.  It’s amazing how a few simply styling tips can really help a property look fresh, clean and inviting.

On the other side of the coin though, a few styling faux pas can create the opposite effect – switching buyers off from what might otherwise be a great property for their needs.

So here it is – what NOT to do when presenting your property for sale!

Faux Pas #1 – Baking just before the inspection

A lot of people assume that the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies will be inviting and make a property feel homely. On the contrary, this is an old trick that buyers will be only too familiar with. They will see right through you!  Stick to clean and fresh fragrance instead.

Faux Pas #2 – Assuming People Will Like Your Taste

When presenting a home for sale, it needs to be a fairly clean palate.  Don’t go overboard with the designer features.  Just because you like lots of throw pillows or accents of leopard print, doesn’t mean everyone else will. That red feature wall might seem like a good idea, but ultimately will make the space seem smaller.

Go neutral in your soft furnishings and keep knick-knacks to a minimum. Put a few of yours away while the home is on the market.

Faux Pas #3 – Leaving Up Your Family Photos

You love your wonderful family – and probably many other people will too.  But you need prospective buyers of your home to see THEMSELVES in it.  Limit the number of family portraits you keep around the property.

Faux Pas #4 – Fake Flowers

Real flowers are not expensive and just add a touch of freshness to your home.  Go to a local market and get a fresh bunch each week for just a few dollars.

Faux Pas #5 – Pushing Furniture Up Against the Wall

Pushing furniture to the edges of the room creates more space, right?  Wrong!  This makes a room look crowded.  Furniture should be displayed in the centre of the room with room to walk around it.

If the room looks crowded, put some non-essential pieces in storage while your property is on the market.  Grandpa’s favourite chair may be a sentimental piece to you, but buyers wont understand why it is shoved into a corner of your living room.

The advice I give to all my clients is to keep the home looking clean and light.  It’s not about selling your lifestyle and relationship to the property – it’s about inviting buyers to see how it will work for them.

Avoid these five major faux pas and you will be in good shape for your next open inspection!

Have you ever seen any of the styling tips in this piece when house-hunting?  Have you been guilty of a few yourself? Comment below and let me know what you think.


Karen Taylor Chernishov shares her knowledge on property, style and renovation, helping you sell, buy, manage or invest in real estate across Melbourne's South East, Victoria, Australia. Telephone 0408 991 855

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