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Summer Means Swimming! Some Tips For Buying and Selling with a Pool

pool and balinese hut

On my list of things for my dream home would definitely be a pool – and with the weather so gorgeous, many of you out there must be thinking the same thing!

This means sellers – if you are considering listing a property with a pool, now is the time to get on the market.

Having a pool is all about the lifestyle.  Buyers will love your pool if you present it to them in a way that allows them to imagine how fun it will be to spend time by that pool this summer.

Make sure your pool is spotlessly clean – buyers want to see clear blue water and focus on how relaxing it will be lounging by the pool – not the effort that goes into cleaning it.

Keep this in mind as well when presenting the outdoor area surrounding the pool. Display your outdoor furniture to best effect – perhaps even borrow or purchase some new furniture that will encourage buyers to see how comfortable they will be by the pool on weekends. (Just make sure you don’t position furniture too close to pool fences, encouraging little kiddies to climb!) Definitely uncover and clean up the BBQ and dress up any outdoor tables.  You may even throw a pool lounge onto the water that will have them imagining themselves lying back on a Sunday afternoon this summer…. in your pool.

Another tip for sellers – ask for a second real estate agent to be present when selling a property with a pool.  Not only will this make it easier to ensure the safety of all visitors around the water, it means that the outside agent can speak to clients freely about the benefits and possibilities your outdoor area offers.   The other agent can be selling the features of the house itself. Choose an agent who is happy to go with this strategy.

A pool is a tremendous drawcard for families – but only if safety regulations are maintained.  The most basic safety regulation concerns pool fencing.  Any pool with a depth of 300mm (just 30 centimetres!)  or greater must be fully enclosed with appropriate fencing.  This applies to in-ground spas as well, and the government regulations around this apply to both owners AND occupiers, so everyone needs to work together to ensure pool fences are secure and maintained.

If you are in the market for a property with a pool – much like the divine recent listing pictured in this post – make sure the area is a secure one before making that final commitment.  Then you know you can enjoy the lifestyle every Australian dreams of!

Want to know more about government regulations regarding pools?  Check out the following helpful websites that will give you everything you need:

Victorian Building Authority.,-spas-and-their-safety-barriers.pdf

Kidsafe Victoria (Has some great tips for rental properties too)

City of Melbourne



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